Horizontal Mobility

The University of Zagreb has 35 faculties with the Faculty of Law being just one of them. Please note that the University of Zagreb does not have a campus and that the faculties are scattered all over the city.

Should you be interested in attending courses at other faculties of the University of Zagreb (other than the Faculty of Law as your official receiving institution), please note that before coming to our Faculty for your study mobility period, you need to do the following:

  1. Contact directly by e-mail the International Mobility/Relations Office of the other faculty where you wish to attend courses, outside of our faculty as your official receiving institution.
  2. Wait for the response of such other faculty.
  3. If they decide to accept your registration for the respective course, you should notify us about their decision.
  4. Please forward the e-mail message, in which it is clearly stated that the other faculty has accepted your registration for the respective course, to us to the e-mail address: imo@pravo.hr
  5. After we have received your acceptance e-mail from the other faculty, you can proceed with adding the respective course in your LA. You may list that course together with the rest of the chosen courses from our faculty within the same LA.
  6. The Learning Agreement (LA) should be sent to us for final approval even if some of the added courses are from other faculties, unless expressly indicated otherwise.
  7. All of the above indicated steps will suffice as a confirmation of your course selection before the start of your mobility period.

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Upon your arrival to our Faculty you need to do the following:

  1. Please come in person to our office so that we can issue a specific form (Approval Form for the Enrolment of Elective Courses) confirming your horizontal mobility.
  2. The form will need to be filled out and signed by the respective course professor and International Mobility/Relations Office from the other faculty.
  3. You will receive further information upon your arrival.