AAI Identity

The AAI Identity activation needs to be done within 48 hours of receiving the issued AAI credentials.


AAI Identity Activation Instructions:

Instructions – Merlin, Studomat and Webmail


AAI Identity Activation Access Link:



What is AAI Identity?

AAI Identity is an electronic identity of the AAI@EduHr system. It is a set of data about an individual that is used for the purposes of identity verification (authentication) and access rights (authorization). It is stored in a special database called a directory. The mandatory access data of e-identity include (i) user ID and password.


What is the Purpose of the AAI Identity?

By using the AAI Identity credentials, you prove your identity in the online world primarily for the purpose of accessing services related to learning, education, studying, research and general work in the educational/academic/research community. With it, you can access various applications/services available through the AAI@EduHr system, but also use it to connect to the Internet.


Administration Process & Documentation

AAI Identity Credentials will be issued upon the student’s arrival to the Faculty of Law. With the issued credentials you will be able to access all of the faculty systems and use the computers on the faculty premises.


AAI Identity Activation Access Link:


For the instructions on how to activate your AAI Identity, please consult the document enclosed.