Student Card – X-Card

The Student X-card has several functions:

  • It serves as a Student Identification Document which contains your student number JMBAG (in Croatian Jedinstveni Matični Broj Akademskog Građana, engl. Academic Citizen Unique ID Number), proving your student status.
  • It can be used for subsidised meals in the student restaurants (canteens). A certain amount of financial resources will be deposited onto your student card every 2 weeks (about 53.09 – 66.36€) directly by the Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Croatia. Therefore, a standard meal in the student canteen will end up costing you only 0.86€, whilst the remainder of the meal value will be subsidised by the Croatian government i.e. the amount deducted from your X-card.

Borrowing your X-card to other students is not allowed.

For more information on student restaurant locations, please check the following web page:


Personal Signature Form:


Administration Process & Documents

In order to obtain your Student Card, please send us the following:

  • a photo of your face

do not make a selfie photo

it has to be a good quality photo

passport or ID photo dimensions


  • a scan of your personal signature

please download the document enclosed

put your signature in the document enclosed

send us the signed document in PDF format


You will receive your Student Card upon arrival. You will be notified as soon as your Student Card is ready for you.


Lost, Damaged or Stolen Student Card - X-Card

If you find that your X-card has been lost, damaged or stolen, please contact immediately our Student Card Faculty Officer: Mr. Relja Bosanac




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First floor, room nr. 3
Student Administration Office