Hackathon: How fair and sustainable is our education system?

How fair and sustainable is our education system? Join the idea hackathon on educational equity on November 09/10, 2021.

How fair and sustainable is our education system?

Students and teachers, who are interested in the topics of education and educational system, are invited to contribute  to an online hackathon on November 9 and 10 with their opinions and ideas. The event is organised by three UNIC universities in Bochum, Oulu and Istanbul.

A total of 16 challenges were submitted in the following five thematic clusters and ready to be discussed:

- Early Childhood Education

- School education

- Vocational education

- Academic education

- Extracurricular education and lifelong learning

How to participate in the online idea hackathon on the topic of "Education - fair and sustainable?

Students and other interested persons can participate as "hackers" or as mentors.  The hackers bring in ideas, work in teams on the challenges and present the ideas to a jury. With your experience and insights into the education sector, you can support the teams as a mentor and provide advice to the teams and help as a contact person with concrete enquiries. If you are particularly interested in a specific challenge (find all challenges here), you could become a “challenge-mentor” and support the teams with a short introduction and briefing about the problem at the beginning of the hackathon in order to make it easier for the team to start working on the challenge.

The UNIC Idea Hackathon will take place under the umbrella of the international DigiEduHack 2021. Interested parties can find all further information here. For last-minute participants, registration is still possible until November 9. The language of communication of the hackathon is English and therefore basic knowledge is necessary.

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