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The European continent is once again ravaged by war. The destruction is incalculable, the loss of human lives and displacement is great and tragic. This is a war that has violated fundamental international norms, prohibiting the threat of force and the use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state.

The Faculty of Law of the University of Zagreb condemns the military activities of the Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine and expresses solidarity with the people of Ukraine and all those affected by this aggression. As a community of legal scholars and scholars of other related disciplines, we are aware of the importance of the right of all nations and individuals to security and the importance of the rule of law. We are committed to ending the aggression and preserving all human life.

The Faculty of Law provides support to all Ukrainian students who were forced to leave their homeland due to war, by enabling them to enroll and continue with their studies (in accordance with the Decision of the Government of the Republic of Croatia on Introducing Temporary Protection in the Republic of Croatia for Displaced Ukranian nationals issued 7th March 2022).

Following the instructions of the Ministry of Science and Education, and the University of Zagreb, The Faculty of Law will guarantee to Ukrainian students the following:

a) enrollment within the Erasmus + mobility programme for courses taught in English in the summer semester of AY 2021/2022,

b) enrollment in programs conducted in the Croatian language, as follows:

a. in integrated undergraduate and graduate legal studies - up to 50 students,
b. in study programs within the Study Center for Public Administration and Public   Finance - up to 30 students,
c. in study programs within the Study Center of Social Work - up to 20 students,

c) assistance in finding accommodation in student halls of residence,

d) assistance in learning Croatian language,

e) assistnce of the Student Counseling Center,

f) legal assistance through the Law Clinic at the Faculty of Law,

g) exam literature,

h) student mentor and academic mentor for integration into the education system and successful monitoring of our study programs,

i) membership in student associations,

j) access to the library collection, scientific journals and databases of all publishers to which the Faculty is subscribed.

We hope that this will contribute to mitigating the consequences of the aggression against Ukraine.

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